Global Strategy

Strategic decisions and global value chains are exposed to significant macro-economic changes. Mines face the challenge of adjusting their strategies in the post-pandemic recovery period, where the uncertainty in the global business landscape is further agitated by geopolitical tensions. Global value chain disruptions and rising economic nationalism present opportunities and challenges. The ability to manage and harness the complexity of diverse settings across countries is crucial to the success of the global firm. Relevant topics for the track include, but are not limited to, international expansion, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, location strategy, entry mode decisions, outsourcing and offshoring decisions (and their reversal), the management, coordination, and governance of global value chains, as well as the development of mnes’ organizational capabilities and performance.


    Related Conference of Global Strategy

    April 10-11, 2024

    Global Summit on Finance, Banking and Economics

    Paris, France

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